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mobility series

What are the classes like?

This series is a progression, which means new moves, cues, positions, and drills, etc are layered class-to-class and week to week. No two classes are the alike and while the beginning of most classes have a similar structure (foundational work in low bridge and core), it’s not easy to describe “a typical class” because this is the only program of its kind.

It has the flow of a Pilates/Mobility/Yoga class rolled into one with a whole lot more… and that’s an understatement.

Classes include a very distinct culmination of movements, poses, exercises, and drills specifically designed to re-train your brain and body to move more efficiently and more powerfully than you ever have.

Classes include familiar fundamentals of Classical Pilates, Functional Yoga, Developmental Kinesiology, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), along with NLP interwoven with vision therapy, insight meditation and random song lyrics and jokes built right in for your enjoyment.

Can I do this during the season?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is working it around your game and throwing schedule. If you’re a starter, I wouldn’t suggest doing an “energy leak” or “active ROM/FRC” class before your next scheduled start to be mindful of not wearing yourself out. The FRC classes are amazing right after a game, though, when you’re already warmed up and loose. I created an In-Season Mobility Subscription that includes a bunch of shorter classes as well as pre-game warmups, post game recovery, Pilates, Functional Yoga, Active ROM, full classes and other classes perfect for in-season.

Should I do the classes before or after I throw?

Great question you’ll have to mostly rely on trusting yourself, your body, and your intuition to let you know how you’re feeling. The #1 priority is to always listen to your body.That being said, I’ve had clients do both depending on the type of class and their pre-game, pre-throw routines. I generally recommend doing the classes after throwing vs. before because some of the classes you are WERKING the shoulder girdle stabilizers more than others and I’m not there in person to discuss all the factors that go into making that decision, therefore … I recommend after.

are the classes live?

No*, they are all pre-recorded videos you access through my website. A new video is available every other day(-ish) – for example, if you sign-up on a Monday, your classes will always fall MWF. They automatically drop around 7:30a EST (no way for me to change that). *  My MLB Mobility Series that runs Nov-Feb does have 2 live zooms – all programs I currently offer are on-demand.

I prefer hands-on feedback, how Will I know I'm Doing it Correctly?

Definitely me, too. I hugely prefer to learn 1-on-1 as a student of this type of work, yet somehow fell into an entirely virtual business. How about that?

I mention this to give you confidence you’ll quickly recognize you won’t need me and what you learn needs to come from your insight and awareness within your own body.

Trust me, I get the need for hands-on, so what’s cool about this series is the combination of you providing tactile feedback throughout the entire class with my very creatively specific and effective cueing, it’s like having your very own in-person instructor right there with you.

For those who would like occasional check-ins to ensure you’re on the right path, I encourage you to hop on my schedule for periodic 1-on-1 Zooms.

Even though we wouldn’t be in person, my clients will tell you how they’re repeatedly surprised I can spot teeny tiny compensations and inefficiencies while eagle eye watching through the computer.

Should I do the classes in order or can I skip around?

Depends on what your goal is.  If you’re here to make a profound, lasting change… it’s best to follow the program as it was created. Each class introduces something new, whether that be an exercise, movement pattern, new cue to be mindful of, or a sequence of exercises. If you skip a class, you’ll be missing part of what solidifies new, more efficient movement patterns, neural pathways, motor learning, etc.

HOW do i incorporate this with my strength workout?

These classes not only complement all training you’re already doing, but they also greatly enhance the benefits of your strength program.

The foundations you learn in the Mobility Series carry over into all exercises in the gym, giving you more awareness in the quality of movement.

Depending on your training program, these can be done alternating days, they can also be done after your lift.

I’d suggest doing the classes after throwing.

special 6-week series

is the 6-week series the same as the 12-week?

The 6-Week Series is the first 1/2 of the 12-Week Series. Exact same classes.

Since the series was originally intended for a 12-week progression, you get a TON of foundational work and active ROM. If you’ve got the time, the real fire is in the full 12-week program as it was created.

why are you offering a 6-week series?

Accordion Content

am I going to get as much out of the 6-wk series as the full 12-week?

Well, you probably already know the answer.  The first 6-Weeks of my Signature Mobility Series (the 12-Week) is really all about laying the foundational ground work for the amazing magic that happens in later weeks of the full series.

Usually around 4-5 weeks is when players begin to have epiphanies in their movements and throwing and start to get even more excited for the weeks to come.

I promise you’ll feel incredible, renewed, and more loose. You’ll also have created such important foundational motor pathways that everything you gain in the 6-Weeks integrates directly with your training program, practices, and fluidly into games.


Do you offer a certification course?

Yes, it’s called Mobility Principles for Coaches and it’s the same course I did with this MLB team in addition to private mentoring.

I don’t currently have a date set for the next one as I focus on opening my Mobility Series to the non-pro world, but would love to hear from you if you’re interested.

Email me at tracy@amplifiedmovement.com

Do you offer discounts or promos?

Rarely. I have offered early-bird pricing in the past for the original Mobility Series, which may continue.

Scholarships and partial-scholarships are available on a case-to-case bases for extremely committed players who demonstrate the dedication,  need and have a “pay it forward” mentality of supporting others and being a light for others to look up to.

For MiLB guys, I offer a Build Your Own Price for my Signature 12-Week Series (not the Elite). I may consider this to be an option for non-pro players as well. Please email me at tracy@amplifiedmovement.com if you are in need of this, but are not a pro player (yet).

what if I miss a class, get sick, or fall behind?

Email me at tracy@amplifiedmovement.com
I want to ensure you are taken care of and able to go through the full program. If you know ahead of time you’ll be traveling or there is a previous commitment that may prevent you from sticking to the exact schedule of the Mobility Series, please let me know and I can manually adjust the amount of time you have access to the program.

Depending on where in the series that falls, I may even suggest a slightly altered modification of getting back into the swing of things i.e.) repeat week 1, then repeat the last class you left off with before moving on.

This off-season so many guys have gotten sick, including me, and it’s an easy thing to navigate through!

Can i do this in-season?

This was originally created to be done in the pro-baseball players’ offseason, but it can be done in-season with mindfulness and creativity in terms of fitting it in.

Travel days are tough because you leave right after the game, and frankly after a game I can guarantee your gf/wife/family doesn’t want to wait in the parking lot longer than they already have. lol

For non-pro, this should be easier to coordinate, but be sure to do it the day after a start, not the day of.

For in-season, I suggest my In-Season Mobility On-Demand: 17 classes to choose from, including 7 shorter classes as well as a pre-game and post-game, too.


is this just for baseball players?

No! This series is now open for everyone in and out of sports, I just happened to kick it off in pro-baseball. How about that.

I’ve got a sister site in the works with the exact same programs as you see here, but with the non-baseball world branding in mind.

Current + Past Clients:

Athletes in these sports: baseball, softball, hockey, golf, basketball, football, lacrosse, MMA fighters (ok, just 1 so far), runners, triathletes/ironman, marathoners, surfers… there’s more, but I can’t remember all of them as I write these.

Non-sports people love it: anyone sitting at a desk, C-level execs, consultants, dads, mamas especially (!), real estate, teacher, school counselor, massage therapist, healthcare (doc/nurse), pilot, government, military, orthodontist (+ more, those are the ones I know).

can i schedule a private baseball clinic?

There’s a ton of information  here including the typical clinic schedule, what you’ll learn, what comes with it, and more. For immediate access, register for the Virtual Replay of a Livestream. If you’d like to schedule an in-person clinic for your team, shoot me an email.

do you offer team pricing?

Yep, on the home page there’s a few different options for your players to benefit hugely at a very reasonable price. Scroll 2/3 of the way down the page and look for “Team Registration”. I’ll hopefully have a link for you on here soon. You can always shoot me an email if you would like to build a custom package, too

Start learning today!

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